1st Blog – All things Divas

My name is Imogen and I’ve currently become part of the wonderful team at Delightful Divas . I am 18 years old , live locally and love all things glitter , pampering and crafting .  Growing up I could only dream of a place such as the Delightful Diva spa with my makeshift cucumber on my eyes in mums kitchen .  This place is perfect outlet for both my artistic flair , but also my love for working with children .As a company that’s all about creativity , compassion and living in colour I knew that this team  was one where I would feel completely at home . A dynamic and versatile spa full of all things fun and frivolous this place is a must go for anyone from toddler and tween to teen . The Spa has just recently been decked out in all things dinasour and has has a bright and vibrant colour scheme . The window display is in itself amazing. Being a bespoke window display by the talented team at “ On the Wall Party “ it adds that extra level of luxury and fun to the spa  Venue . However ,  I can already tell that it is the bubbly and friendly staff that makes this place the rare gem that it is .

I am looking forward to using my creativity along with the teams diverse skill set to create parties that are special and unique to each client .

This weekend Delightful Divas are going to East Morton gala and putting our creative flairs to good use . An exciting set up at the gala means that a good pamper is never out of the question .This is going to be the first event on my Delightful Diva journey and I hope it is the first of many .

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds , meeting clients and ultimately having fun. 

1st Blog – All things Divas

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